Revolutionary developments

The future of the bike and mobility industry is marked by continuous changes, whether through the electrification of bikes, leasing, or the introduction of automotive or online trade as new market components. 

In these dynamic times, the evolving systems consulting GmbH is your reliable partner. With our extensive expertise in the bike and mobility industry, we offer tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of your company. 

We assist you in leveraging innovative technologies and digital transformation to strengthen your competitive advantage. Our broad experience in software development, analysis, AI integration, workshops, and interim management makes us a vital partner for companies seeking sustainable and revolutionary solutions. 

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Tailored solutions for the bike retail sector

Our offerings in the bike sector include two flexible solution approaches:
With the 360° option, we provide the opportunity to either establish a new bike shop from scratch or enhance existing shops comprehensively to make them even more successful. Alternatively, we offer modular components from our portfolio that can be selected according to your specific needs. These include support in lease acquisition, marketing, and social media management, as well as training and workshops for employees. Our goal is always to ensure your sustained success in the retail sector. 

Your partner on the path to a new era of bike mobility

We are your partner for the development of intelligent platforms and connected services that pave the way for a new era of bike mobility. 

Get in touch with us and discover how evolving systems consulting GmbH can support you in overcoming the current challenges of the bike industry. 

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