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Experts for project management, digitalization and business & IT transformation.

Since 1999, we have acted as a strategic partner for complex projects in the field of business and IT transformation. Our experienced consultants have helped our customers to achieve success which is not only effective but also sustainable and is carrying a high measure of value.

With approximately 71,500 project days of experience with rollouts, unbundling projects, migrations, data center relocations and provider changes, we are proficient in all relevant methods for successful project management and implementation, optimal adaptation of client organizations and effective knowledge transfer to our customers’ employees.

What sets us apart from the rest? Not only do we analyze the situation thoroughly in order to gain a detailed overview and identify potential weaknesses; we also come up with innovative solutions which we implement together with our customers. We help our clients to understand results and problems of previous projects and translate these into chances and opportunities for the future.

Success guaranteed!

It’s the people who work with us – our consultants –  who guarantee our success. Their specialist expertise and social competencies  establish the basis of every successful transition. This is our reason for giving top priority to three key facts: cultivating relationships, thinking in networks and living up to our values.

Evolutionary changes in technology, the economy and society call for continuous and constant knowledge development is vital. We make sure we always stay up to date with current, new and upcoming trends as well as with the technologies in use today.

Our customers’ success is our performance benchmark. We put our main focus of attention on value adding services, the sound knowledge of your organization as well as strong relationships between our employees, our customers’ employees and their service providers.

Values and mission

Our employees are fundamental for our services and achievements. At the heart of esc are our people. They are all individuals with their own personality and their own values, a lot of common sense and an alert mind. Individuals who work together, support one another and create new values and services. Our thoughts and actions define our company’s mindset and culture and they form the basis for our work – every single day. We can only succeed in protecting this asset together if we allow our daily decisions – big or small – to be guided by this mindset and by our values.

The outcome of all of this is an open culture and communication where mistakes, too, are regarded as opportunities. We are a team: we show solidarity, integrate our employees and create an environment in which freedom and satisfaction are the keywords.

To us “challenge and support” mean personal initiative, development and appreciation. Which is why we do everything in our power to make sure our employees feel comfortable, cultivate personal relationships and friendships and form a team, so that every invitation to a meeting or event causes them to look forward to seeing familiar faces again.

Trust | Honesty | Reliability | Friendliness | Tolerance | Cosmopolitanism | Pleasure & Fun | Ambition | Entrepreneurship | Willingness to Help | Strength | Competence | Quality, not Quantity

History and origins

evolving systems consulting GmbH – or esc for short – was established by Mathias Krüger in 1999. Today, the company specializes in “professional IT project management” and belongs to esc Holding GmbH (also owned by Mathias Krüger), a medium-sized group with nine companies and over 200 members of staff in Germany, the Czech Republic and the USA.

Prior to setting up evolving systems consulting, Mathias Krüger himself had been employed as an IT-consultant. In 2008, he got to know Tobias Joswig during a joint rollout project in Hamburg, and in 2012 Joswig left his former employer for evolving systems consulting. As a result of their friendship and the interest they shared in project business, he was appointed co-director of esc in 2016. The service portfolio was subsequently redesigned and the focus shifted towards business and IT transformations – founded on a people-oriented culture which is strengthened by annual events, decentralized project groups and complex new IT projects. Each new employee gradually changes evolving systems consulting, and each new change paves the way for the next evolutionary stage. Each individual member thus writes their own chapter in the esc story.

Locations and headquarters

We work in decentralized groups at local project sites: our offices in Hamburg and Munich enable regular consultations within each team. We also operate an attractive “work from home” policy in accordance with our project assignments.

We start by gaining a detailed overview – regardless of whether our job is to take over an ongoing project, analyze current projects or provide a report that does not spare the unpleasant details.
We identify weaknesses and problems, and then search for the potential solutions that best fit your company.
We help you implement your project plan – from consulting through to full responsibility for project leadership and results.
Lessons learned
We carry out a careful retrospective after each project is over. That way, we preserve methodological and organizational project knowledge and derive change potential for the future.
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