It is not so much about technology, it is about you.

We stand for reliable and sustainable management whenever IT infrastructure projects are transitioned, migrated or merged: from the original idea to when the project is handed over to the customer and turned into an ongoing success. This declaration initially sounds highly technical. However, in actual fact it is not – because first and foremost, our work is about people. Everything centers around the user – and around getting the maximum benefit from changes. Our aim is not simply to bring people who strengthen and support one another with their expertise together internally; above all, we are a trustful partner for our customers throughout all phases of a project. Each customer develops a personal relationship with their contact at esc. We always work and act in line with our values because they guide us as we are continuing to grow. And our success proves us right.

Open communication and team spirit

Trustful cooperation is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. Our employees come first, which is why we offer them ample freedom to develop.
We want every team member to feel comfortable – to be satisfied and have plenty of opportunities for personal development.

Every one of them has their own values, common sense and creative mind with which to establish new values and services while preserving whatever is good about the old.

Open communication on all levels is eminently important to us. We stick together, show solidarity and regard mistakes as opportunities.

Our greatest asset is our corporate culture which comprises of team spirit, solidarity and individuality. Only by challenging and supporting this culture every single day we can make sure that our daily decisions are based on this principle.

We also encourage our employees to cultivate friendships within our team. We like to see our team growing closer with every meeting and every event, so that everyone looks forward to seeing familiar faces again.

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