An eye and a grip on everything. Your success is our goal.

Are you looking for a reliable partner to implement and realize your projects and programs? esc can offer you team players who work together in a spirit of partnership and cooperation towards a common project objective. Our experienced project managers plan, oversee and manage your projects at every stage before bringing them to a successful conclusion. All esc specialists have an in-depth knowledge of all business and IT issues and are familiar with discussion techniques and project management methods (agile, hybrid, classic) as well as with other methods (business analysis, process and requirements management) and technology trends (cloud, containers, AI).

Our customers can get insights into or an overview of the current project status at any time. It’s all totally transparent and readily understandable because every piece of information is recorded, processed, evaluated and passed on. We take care of the organizational and technical aspects of project management and control and are ultimately responsible for the project. By doing this, we guarantee sustainable and effective achievement of the project objectives.

Project Management
Joint project success is based on communication, respectful interaction and cooperation. We lead your team to success.
Program Management
It takes a partner with sound methodology and excellent communication skills to bundle complex projects into a single program. We also have the necessary expertise and experience in C-level communication.
Project Management Office (PMO)
Suitable planning, controlling and communication methods are paramount for efficient project organization. Our PMO analyzes the situation and applies these methods.
Process and Requirements Management
A careful analysis during the project launch or initiation phase to identify the key requirements of the relevant departments and IT is crucial for a project’s success. We take responsibility for this, always with an eye on the big picture.
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