The sector “finance & insurance” is currently facing new challenges. The advancing digitalization, regulatory influences, and growing awareness of sustainability are significantly influencing the business models of this industry. At the evolving systems consulting GmbH, we believe that the current transformation process not only presents challenges but also a variety of opportunities. 

Let’s shape the future together

Mastering digital challenges together

The priorities set by regulatory authorities in the banking and insurance sectors reflect the current challenges facing the industry. Key topics include digital transformation, oversight of external IT services, and protection against cyber risks. 

Due to the complexity of these challenges, a precise and targeted approach is required. Meeting the continuously increasing demands can be difficult without professional support. The potential sanctions must be taken seriously.

Our strategy for your success

With the right strategy and expertise, we transform the ongoing challenges of the Finance & Insurance industry into opportunities. We are ready to support your financial and insurance company in achieving your goals and shaping the future together. 

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our tailored consulting services. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey and creating a successful future for the Finance & Insurance sector together. 

Thorsten Schöler

Head of Finance & Insurance
Tel.:  +49 40 377073 500