Who we are: Experts at the interface of business and technology 

At the evolving systems consulting GmbH you will find a unique mix of IT consultants, strategy consultants, business consultants, bank consultants, auditors, and information security officers. Our interdisciplinary team of experts not only brings extensive knowledge and many years of experience to the table, but also possesses a passion for innovation and excellence. 

Our industry focus: Deep expertise in all areas

Whether in automotive & mobility, finance & insurance, public sector, or industry – we specialize in overcoming industry specific challenges. Our targeted focus allows us to develop customized strategies and solutions tailored directly to the needs and requirements of our clients. 

What defines us: More than just consulting.

Our team consists of enthusiastic section navigators, security experts, concept developers, visionaries, security missionaries, and financial and IT professionals. We are not only consultants, we are visionaries with a clear mission to push the boundaries of what is possible and achieve sustainable results. Our work is based on the belief that there is always a way to increase efficiency, ensure safety and drive innovation. 

Our values: The compass that guides us

Trust, Responsibility, Reliability, as well as Joy & Fun are the foundation of our work. They are reflected in everything we do, from how we interact with each other and our clients, to the execution of our projects. These principles form the basis for our success and the building of long-term, trustworthy relationships. 

Our vision: Paving the way for evolution

Every day we create new solutions for companies and employees. We not only want to challenge the status quo, but also proactively shape the future. 

Our mission: Making the impossible possible together

“Let’s stay realistic and tackle the impossible together.” This mission drives us to view every obstacle as an opportunity and achieve outstanding results. We believe that with the right team, the right attitude, and a good strategy, anything is possible. 

Take the first step towards evolution

evolving systems consulting GmbH is your partner for business consulting, providing advice and support. Contact us to find out how we can accelerate your company’s development. 

Our Services

We assist banks and financial institutions in optimizing their IT systems and processes and adapting them to new requirements. Our services include the analysis and optimization of business processes, consulting on the implementation of new IT systems, designing and implementing solutions to meet regulatory requirements, project management, and employee training. Our banking IT consultants ensure everything functions smoothly, securely, and in compliance with banking regulations. 

We offer comprehensive consulting services in the field of digital inclusion and accessibility. Our team of experts assists companies in making their websites, applications, and digital content accessible. With a focus on Eye-Able and inclusion, we support our clients in integrating accessibility features according to international standards such as WCAG. Our services include management circle, accessibility assessments, training, and awareness workshops for your company’s target groups. Our goal is to create an inclusive and user-friendly online experience for all users and to support companies in their digital transformation and associated WCAG certification. 

IT governance and security plays a crucial role in effectively managing and securing the information technology in your

company. Governance defines clear responsibilities and decision-making structures to ensure the alignment of IT strategy with business objectives. 

Security measures such as access controls and encryption ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, strengthen the IT infrastructure, and enhance the trust of customers and business partners. 

Organizational development is a strategic process for continuously improving the performance and adaptability of your company. We design structures, processes, culture and promote the willingness to change to optimally achieve your goals. 

Organizational development promotes innovation and creates a positive work environment for identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development. 

Process management includes the planning, control, and optimization of business processes to improve processes, reduce costs and increase quality. Through a clear definition, documentation and analysis of processes, weak points are identified, measures for continuous improvement are initiated and effective use of resources is enabled. 

The process-oriented mindset promotes collaboration, creates innovation and growth and keeps your company flexible and sustainable. 

Our IT business consulting supports companies in optimizing their IT strategies, processes, and systems to achieve their business goals. Tasks include analyzing business requirements, developing IT solutions, supporting the implementation of new technologies, project management, assessing IT risks and advising on digital transformation. Our IT business consultants help you use your IT effectively and develop innovations. 



Contact Person

Tobias Joswig

Managing Director
Tel.:  +49 40 377073 500