Customer centricity: Customer experience redefined at evolving systems consulting GmbH 

evolving systems consulting GmbH is a team of ambitious trainers, motivated professionals, passionate analysts, and experienced strategists. Our strengths lie in analysis, consulting, and practical implementation. We understand the complex challenges and opportunities in the dynamic mobility and business world and develop tailored, innovative strategies to sustainably secure your business success. 

Our strengths are analysis, advice and practical implementation. 

We understand the complex challenges and the resulting opportunities in the dynamic mobility and business world and develop tailor-made, innovative strategies to ensure the long-term success of your company. 

Our portfolio: Tailored solutions for your business 

At evolving systems consulting GmbH, we are united by more than just our professional tasks. Even after years of work, we have not lost our passion for every single project success. While we can offer “one size fits all” solutions, our professionals prefer to work on the best solution for your company. Our expanded service portfolio includes: 

  • Strategy & Development: We not only develop strategies but also implement them practically. 
  • Digital Arriving: We support you in the digital transformation from initial idea to full implementation. 
  • Sales Network Development: We help you expand your network to fully utilize your sales potential. 
  • Training: We offer tailored training to make your teams more successful 
  • Coaching & Sparring: We support you and your team in the strategic development of ideas, strategies, and concepts. 

Our focus: solutions for every need

We understand the specific needs and challenges of the Automotive & Mobility, Finance & Insurance, and Public & Industry sectors. Our measures are tailored to the individual requirements of each company. 

What sets us apart: Uniqueness and efficiency   

Our approach is unconventional, without neglecting efficiency. For years, we have been successfully developing strategies that are precisely tailored to the needs of each company. By combining strategic planning, experienced consultants, and incorporating innovative methods, we ensure sustainable sales success.  

Our values: Trust and dynamics

The esc values: Trust, Responsibility, Reliability, and Joy & Fun. Our values shape the foundation of our customer-oriented consulting. 

Our vision and mission: Shaping the future together 

Our vision of enabling the individual evolution of companies and their employees drives us to give the best every day. “Let’s stay realistic and tackle the impossible together” is not just a promise to you, our customers. Together we will achieve your goal and develop a unique customer experience. 

Shape your future with us  

evolving systems consulting GmbH is your guarantee for the development and implementation of successful strategies.  

Contact us and together we will develop an individual solution for your success. 

Our services

Our expertise is the design of new business models, digitalization, and the development of competencies in mobility. We understand the dynamic requirements of the current market and specialize in developing tailor-made solutions that meet the individual requirements of our customers. 

We help companies use new technologies and processes to successfully design their business models. 

We also specialize in mobility and support our customers in establishing themselves in a dynamic market environment. 

We work closely with our customers to help them develop innovative mobility concepts and implement new business models. 

We understand the importance of high-quality data to the success of a business and use our expertise to ensure our customers’ data is robust, consistent, and meaningful. 

Our expertise is to consolidate and clean data from various IT systems and to ensure professional use of the data sets. By consolidating and cleaning data from various sources, we create a unified database that enables companies to make informed decisions. 

We help our customers make optimal use of their data and add value to their companies. With our expertise in data management, we help companies optimize their business processes, minimize risks and identify new growth opportunities. 

We are aware that not only short-term solutions are important, but also future-oriented strategies that sustainably support the stability and growth of your company. 

Our tailored approaches are designed to not only solve current problems, but also create a stable foundation for future success. 

Our services: 

  • Location analysis: competition, location scouting, coverage, infrastructure 
  • Employee selection: pre-selection, assessments, organizational structure 
  • Potential analysis: Alignment of the location with future sales and service potential 
  • Go to brand: Creating optimal conditions for market entry and/or higher positioning of the market 

All of our training and coachings are based on improving interaction with customers. Through professional customer interaction, companies can not only gain the trust and loyalty of their customers, but also gain valuable insights into their products and services. Companies that invest in the development and implementation of professional customer interaction will gain long-term competitive advantages. 

Excerpt from our training and coaching offerings: 


  • E-Mobility: Different qualification levels 
  • Bike: Needs-oriented modules 
  • Used cars: Focus on e-mobility 
  • Digital accessibility: WCAG certification, (mandatory from 06/2025), increasing customer satisfaction. 
  • Products & Services: Workshops for employees and business partners


  • Management Circle: Impulses, Strategy, Best Business Practice


Contact Person

Athos Gianelli

Managing Partner
Tel.:  +49 152 28279590