Who we are: Guardians of your digital world

At evolving systems consulting GmbH, we understand the complex challenges that companies face in today’s digitally interconnected world. We are your team of Information Security and Data Privacy professionals, IT security experts, governance and compliance consultants, and experienced auditors, committed to securing your digital landscape. We are here to guide you through the labyrinths of IT governance and IT security. 

Our focus: Specialized security for every industry

Our expertise spans the automotive & mobility, finance & insurance, public and industry sectors. Each sector presents different requirements and challenges. We bring our specific knowledge and customized solutions to protect your critical resources and ensure compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. 

What sets us apart: Your security is our priority

As your data protection officers, information security officers, compliance officers, risk managers, and governance experts, we go beyond conventional security measures. Our range of services includes the implementation and maintenance of industry-specific information security systems, using risk management methods to determine the maturity of existing protective measures and verifying their effectiveness through internal audits. We also support you in meeting specific regulations and requirements, such as DORA, KRITIS, and NIS2. 

Our values: The foundation of our collaboration

Trust, Responsibility, Reliability, Joy & Fun – form the foundation of our actions. These values are non-negotiable for us and guide every decision and consulting moment. We see ourselves as part of your team, ensuring that your IT is secure and functions well. 

Our Vision: A secure future for your company

The vision of evolving systems consulting GmbH is to enable the individual evolution of companies and employees through innovative consulting in IT governance and IT security. We stand by your side as a reliable partner to support your company in digital transformation. With our expertise, innovative solutions, and continuous support, we help you successfully meet the challenges of digitalization and strengthen your competitiveness. 

Our mission: overcoming challenges together 

“Let’s stay realistic and tackle the impossible together” – this is the credo that guides us at evolving systems consulting GmbH. Our solutions are based on years of development experience, enthusiasm, and the right technology. Together, we solve all challenges and achieve your goals. 

Together towards a secure digital future

Whether you need support in implementing information risk management strategies, improving your company’s digital operational resilience, or preparing for audits and inspections – evolving systems consulting GmbH is your partner for IT governance and IT security. Contact us today to shape a more secure digital future for your company, together. 

Our services

Outsourcing management enhances the efficiency of a company through targeted planning, implementation, and monitoring of outsourcing processes. 

 Clearly defined partnerships and performance parameters create synergies, reduce costs, and enable seamless integration of internal and external resources. Our goal is to ensure effective and cost-efficient corporate management. 

Our consulting services in the field of information security are designed to protect your sensitive data and business processes from potential threats. As part of our information risk management, we continuously analyze possible risks, identify vulnerabilities, and develop measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information. 

We ensure that your company meets the required security standards regarding data protection and information security. Leverage our extensive experience to protect your company from cyber-attacks and ensure compliance with relevant standards such as ISO 27001 and the IT-Grundschutz of the BSI. 

Our services related to the new requirements of DORA are diverse and can be tailored to your needs: 

  • Training for professionals and executives, explaining the new requirements and implementation possibilities. 
  • Gap analysis with implementation recommendations and a project plan to achieve DORA compliance in a timely manner 
  • Consulting on selected requirements, such as ICT third-party management or the ICT risk management framework 
  • Quality assurance of your self-developed solutions regarding potential financial supervision controls 
  • Consulting and support for internal audits as part of project work 
  • Providing expertise for internal audit examinations on selected topics (co-sourcing) 

The KRITIS regulation requires operators of critical entities to take measures for physical security as well as to defend against cyberattacks. evolving systems consulting GmbH supports you with its own solutions and the help of partners from its network with the following services: 

  • Conducting a status assessment to determine the maturity of existing protective measures in relation to the KRITIS umbrella law and NIS-2 implementation law, including on-site inspections. 
  • Development and moderation of awareness training for all employees to ensure compliance with implemented security measures. 
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of implemented measures 
  • Assistance in the introduction of new and adjustment of existing security processes 
  • Creation and review of audit-relevant documentation 
  • Provision of an external resource to serve as Information Security Manager (ISM) 

Our audit activities offer customized solutions to ensure that your company successfully completes the audit process. These include: 

  • Planning the audit 
  • Developing an audit program 
  • Training internal auditors according to ISO 19011 
  • Compiling and discussing the audit report 
  • Assisting in addressing audit findings 
  • Preparing process owners for the audit situation 

In addition, our services include preparing for inspections by authorities or organizations, such as handling document requests, coaching the management team, interview training, professional advice on argumentation during examination discussions, and post-audit follow-up. 

We offer comprehensive consulting services in the field of digital inclusion and accessibility. Our team of experts supports companies in making their websites, applications, and digital content accessible. Focusing on Eye-Able and inclusion, we help our clients integrate accessibility features in accordance with international standards such as WCAG. Our services include management circle, accessibility assessments, training, and awareness workshops for your company’s target groups. Our goal is to create an inclusive and user-friendly online experience for all users and to support companies in their digital transformation and related WCAG certification. 


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Information Security & Data Protection
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BSI & Data Protection
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Management Systems & Audits
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