Who We Are: Experts Driving Projects Forward

At evolving systems consulting GmbH, we bring together a diverse group of IT consultants, certified project managers, program managers, service managers, and PMOs. Our team combines deep expertise and a passion for leading every project to success. With our expertise in various project management methods, we keep track of everything – from complex IT projects to finely tuned internal processes. We use proven methods to develop the best solution for your specific challenges. 

Our Industry Focus: Expertise When It Matters

We have extensive experience in the Automotive & Mobility, Finance & Insurance, Public and Industry sectors. Our focused industry approach allows us to master every challenge with deep industry understanding and specialized solutions. 

What sets us apart: Analytical sharpness and unwavering drive 

We are analytical thinkers who approach every project with enthusiastic and solution-oriented work. We place great importance on considering every detail and utilizing every opportunity for optimization. 

Our values: The foundation of our success 

Trust, Responsibility, Reliability, Joy & Fun – are the cornerstones of our work and our relationships with stakeholders and clients. Our philosophy is based on these values and drives us to achieve excellent results for our clients. 


Our vision: Redefining the future of project management 

We aim to enable the individual development of companies and employees through advanced project management. Our vision is to set the standard for excellence in our industry and empower companies to lead their projects not only successfully but to visionary successes. 


Our mission: Making the impossible a realistic goal

“Let’s stay realistic and tackle the impossible together.” Our mission is to achieve the impossible. This is a promise to our clients and ourselves. We embrace this challenge in every project and believe that every problem has a solution. 

Our services: from concept to completion

Efficient program and project management are the key to your company’s success. Our dedicated team takes on the planning, control, and implementation of your projects or consolidates complex, related projects into one program. 

Using proven methods and innovative thinking, we ensure clear objectives, timely delivery, and optimal resource utilization. We accompany you on the path to your business success. 

Our PMO (Project management office) support is the optimal backing for a smooth execution of your project. We assist in planning, coordination, and monitoring of the projects, allowing our clients to focus on their core business. 

With proven methods and a tailored approach, we ensure transparency, efficiency, and successful completion of your projects. Trust in our expertise and elevate your project management to the next level. 

Service management places great emphasis on making your business processes more efficient and customer oriented. Our services encompass the planning, implementation, and optimization of your service operations. 

We offer first-class services from IT service management to customer support, ensuring seamless integration across various departments. 

Our service & user help desk support provides a fast and effective solution for your IT challenges. Our dedicated team is available to identify, analyze, and promptly resolve technical issues or assist in setting up your IT services. 

We provide a central point of contact for user inquiries and ensure efficient coordination in resolving disruptions. Trust in our experts to ensure smooth IT support and to provide optimal support for your employees. 

The “Project checkup” by evolving systems consulting GmbH is a service, tailored to your specific needs. It aims at optimizing ongoing projects and achieving goals efficiently. Our team specializes in analyzing the interfaces related to your business objectives. Through our expertise in change management, all elements of change are specifically considered. Risks are identified, and measures for risk mitigation are developed. We focus on optimizing internal and external information flows and provide individual recommendations for action that lead to success in both the short and the long term. 


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At evolving systems consulting GmbH, we are ready to guide you through any project and achieve the impossible together.
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