The current demands on a company for intelligent handover systems and the growth of recent months require more than just technical changes.

In order to continue to meet customer requirements and close the service, technology and performance gaps that have arisen due to rapid growth, technical topics such as automation, security, performance and cloud and cluster capability must be addressed in addition to organisational topics such as organisation, IT & service operations, processes and quality. Responsibility for setting up and implementing the “fit for future” programme was transferred to esc.

In addition to conscientious change management to restructure the organisational and operational structure, including the existing personnel structures, a continuous improvement process was also implemented to review the processes on an ongoing basis. In line with the constantly changing requirements of customers and markets, behaviours and procedures are successively adapted in a measured and targeted manner – from the conversion of software development to Scrum-based processes to the optimisation of the operational organisation with a holistic DevOps approach.