The redesign of the IT roadmap in the area of enterprise architecture management and the development of a new IT cloud strategy and client strategy were assigned to esc in March 2019.

After extensively analysing the systems management landscape, cloud solutions and client environment, these results were compared with the existing customer requirements and needs. In the subsequent creation of an overview of the tools used, the focus was on the structured presentation of current approaches, enrichment with new developments in the IT market and the development of the roadmap for further harmonisation of the system landscape.

In the further course of the project, which was carried out in close consultation with those responsible, the four main strategy concepts were developed for the customer:

  • Heatmap for the responsible tool landscape
  • Updated specifications for software distribution
  • Concept paper on the further procedure
  • Plan for phased commissioning 2019 ff.

In the further course of the project, the specialist departments responsible for the planned gradual transition of the approved concepts were supported with knowledge transfer and coaching.