Following the merger of two service providers, the IT landscape had to be revised and adapted to the new circumstances.

Three different approaches were developed, from which our customer decided in favour of a “private cloud environment”. As part of this extensive project, the new cloud platform was designed, the necessary governance and security regulations were taken into account and then made available to over 1000 branches.

esc’s experienced migration and rollout management team will take on this task. The complex specifications of the strategy, the extensive data security requirements and the full range of BaFin regulations were incorporated into the elaborate rollout plan. The individual branches were converted in series. “We planned the changeover over 25 weekends per year. Which we were able to optimise over the course of the project,” says the esc series coordinator.

Our team of five solved the known and additional challenges of the project within the specified time and thus ensured the project’s success!

Over 250 people were involved in the private cloud project, which ran from mid-2016 to the end of 2019, totalling 15,500 person-days.