The existing 7000-port telecommunications infrastructure of an insurance and financial services group was replaced by a modern unified communication platform.

The new system can also be accessed by all employees in the field, meaning that around 12,000 participants are now active. To achieve this goal, esc held workshops with the stakeholders to determine the requirements for the future communication infrastructure. These requirements served as the basis for the neutral product selection – Skype for Business from Microsoft. As the project progressed, the architecture of the new solution was designed and esc was responsible for the technical introduction, the accompanying training measures and the entire rollout. Following the successful rollout, it was time to coordinate the dismantling of the old telecommunications system.

The planning was planned and successfully implemented in close consultation with works council committees, training departments, technical units and managers. The changeover involved almost 700 organisational units, 6500 office staff, 4500 field staff and 800 technical connections.