Who we are: The architects of your digital future

At evolving systems consulting GmbH, we are a team of passionate software developers, agile heroes, focused requirement analysts, and enthusiastic technology junkies. Our heart beats for the development of custom software solutions, precisely tailored to our customers’ needs. We bring together what belongs together: your challenges and professional requirements with our understanding of technology and agile methods. 

Our industry focus: Custom software solutions for diverse needs

Whether in automotive & mobility, finance & insurance, public sector, or industry – we specialize in meeting all challenges with tailored software solutions. Our expertise enables us to understand the specific needs of our customers and transform them into sustainable solutions. 

What sets us apart: Individuality as a standard 

Our process is simple: We work hand in hand with our customers from the initial clarification of requirements to the final delivery. We rely on agile methods to react flexibly and efficiently to changes, using the technology that best fits you and your challenges. 

Our values: The foundation of our actions

Trust, Responsibility, Reliability, and Joy & Fun – form the basis of our work. These values guide us in every phase of our projects and are crucial for successful implementation. 

Our vision: Driving digital evolution 

We see ourselves as pioneers for the individual development of companies and their employees. Our goal is to empower companies to consistently advance their digital maturity and implement future-proof solutions. 

Our mission: Think realistically, achieve the impossible together

At evolving systems consulting GmbH, our motto is ‘Let’s stay realistic and tackle the impossible together.’ Our solutions are based on years of development experience, enthusiasm, and the right technology. Together, we tackle all challenges and achieve your goals.  

Discovering new horizons together

We are your partner when it comes to digitizing business processes or implementing professional ideas. We look forward to creating the foundation for your future success together. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization turn its ambitions into reality. 

Our services

Our software development team translates domain expertise into technology and finds solutions – without buzzwords and nonsense. We communicate directly, transparently, and honestly. 

From clarifying requirements to implementation, we work together every step of the way. As a result, we deliver a tailored solution and, if desired, handle operations. 


Contact Person

Daniel Romanowski

Head of Development
Tel.:  +49 172 8231914