Who we are: Architects of your future

We are evolving systems consulting GmbH – a team of business strategists, creative innovators, and structured process consultants. United by visionary thinking and practical implementation capabilities, we offer tailored strategy consulting solutions. We drive innovation and optimize business processes to enhance your company’s competitiveness. 

Our industry focus: Tailored solutions across sectors

With a targeted focus on the Automotive & Mobility, Finance & Insurance, Public and Industry sectors, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities each market presents. Our deep industry knowledge helps us to develop forward-thinking strategies that meet your individual requirements. 

What sets us apart: Creativity meets structure

Our strength lies in our ability to think creatively and innovatively. With expertise in organizational and business model development as well as process management, we cover a wide spectrum. We specialize in transforming complex business processes into efficient workflows and initiating sustainable changes that lead to measurable results. 

Our values: Trust, Responsibility, Reliability, Joy & Fun

Trust, Responsibility, Reliability, as well as Joy & Fun – form the foundation of our company culture. These values are crucial for successful collaboration with our clients. They create a work atmosphere where innovative ideas thrive, and new solutions emerge. 

Our vision: Shape the future of your company

Our vision is to foster the individual development of companies and employees. We believe that every company has the potential to continuously evolve and grow. Through strategic consulting, innovation management, and targeted organizational development, we support you in achieving your goals and turning your vision into reality. 

Our mission: On the path to success

In line with our mission “Let’s stay realistic and tackle the impossible together,” we are committed to expanding the boundaries of what seems possible. We work closely with you to develop tailored solutions that are achievable and implementable – so that your company can be successful today and in the future. 

Our goal: Explore new paths together

Whether it’s innovative business models, strategic projects, strengthening organizational structure, or optimizing processes – evolving systems consulting GmbH is your strong partner. 

Let’s discover new horizons together and turn challenges into opportunities. 

Choose evolving systems consulting GmbH to shape your company’s path to the future. Contact us today and find out how we can turn your vision into reality. 

Our services

Innovation management assists you and your company in continuously generating, developing, and implementing new ideas. The goal is to achieve long-term competitive advantages. This approach fosters creativity at all levels. 

Innovation management enables your company to position itself successfully and adapt to market conditions. 

Organizational development is a strategic process for continuously improving the performance and adaptability of yourcompany. Structuring processes and culture and promoting readiness for change are the focus here. Organizational development strengthens innovation and creates a positive work environment. 

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Process management is the systematic design of processes, workflows, costs, and quality. By clearly defining, documenting, and analyzing processes, weaknesses can be identified as well as measures for continuous improvement taken and resources used efficiently. 

With this process-oriented mindset, you promote collaboration and foster innovation and growth. This keeps your company flexible and sustainable. 

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Expanding your business internationally presents numerous challenges, especially when entering the German market. Our expertise in HR expansion management supports your business through this complex process, ensuring compliance with all local laws and regulations.

We offer valuable insights into the German business landscape, facilitating the cultural integration of your team. Together, we identify the best approach to enter the German market and oversee the entire expansion process, ensuring all milestones are met on time and within budget.


Contact Person

Tobias Joswig

Managing Director
Tel.:  +49 40 377073 500