As part of a project to develop a modular control centre system, our experts were deployed as project managers, architects, service managers and FIM method experts for renewable energies. This major project involved two sister projects at a German transmission system operator headquartered in Berlin.

The challenge was that the two projects – “RetroFit” and “NextGen” – followed different implementation methods. While “RetroFit” was implemented using the classic waterfall model, “NextGen” relied on agile workstreams.

As part of the “RetroFit” project, which focussed on the system management of the grid control system, our experts coordinated closely with application managers and sub-project managers. Seven sub-projects were managed, which developed a total of 27 online services to optimise grid management.

Our responsible role in the project team included overall management as well as the functions of architect, performance manager and FIM method expert. The project lasted 440 days, during which the various project approaches were successfully implemented.

Various proven methods such as Scrum, ITIL and SAFe were used during the project to ensure efficient and flexible implementation. The focus was on meeting the requirements of both projects and contributing to the optimisation of grid management in the renewable energy sector. This project underlines our ability to successfully tackle complex challenges in multi-layered environments and develop innovative solutions.