Optimisation of banking processes: Customer search, branch legitimisation and consent management.

As part of the “Customer search, branch legitimisation and consent campaign management (ZKM)” project, we are developing solutions for various banking processes.

The customer search is being converted on the basis of Angular and made available as a web component for other specialised processes. This enables bank advisors to search for customers in the bank’s database and process them further in specialised banking processes.

Branch legitimisation focuses on recording the legitimisation data of new and existing customers. By developing a WebComponent, existing legitimation processes are consolidated and centralised in order to efficiently optimise the workload. This WebComponent is integrated as a building block for other banking processes.

Consent Campaign Management (ZKM) was launched following a BGH ruling in April 2021. It enables banks to obtain the active consent of their customers for changes to general terms and conditions, special conditions and the list of prices and services. Our team draws up technical specifications, coordinates them with the relevant associations and provides support with technical implementation and active testing.

The roles in the project team vary depending on the trade. Our experts take on key positions such as Product Owner, Scrum Master, Business Analyst and Developer. The project team consists of a trade team in which ESC fulfils the roles of Product Owner and Scrum Master. The end customer, a German IT service provider for co-operative financial groups, is an integral part of the overall project team.

These projects demonstrate our expertise in the development of customised solutions for complex banking processes and underline our commitment to technological innovation and efficient process management.